Suggestive Routes


Let us help you putting together the ideal Route for your 4x4 Adventure.


If you tell us the National Parks and sights you would like to visit, we can suggest to you a Route that suits both your timetable and preferences.


Through our partnerships with 95% of all Camps, Loges & Hotels in Zambia and Southern African countries we can secure for you discounts for up to 12% on the market rates.



WHY zambia

Breath-taking natural wonders, an abundance of wildlife, vast water bodies and seemingly endless open spaces, Zambia offers unforgettable holidays exploring the real Africa. Select from 20 national parks and 34 game management areas.


Probably one of the safest countries in the world to visit, Zambia's peaceful people are renown for their friendliness. In the warm heart of Africa, you will find some of the finest Safari experiences on the planet.



If you are looking for an off-road adventure we have the perfect solution. Choose from our fully equipped 4x4 Safari Campers  Self-driven or as a Guided Tour.