Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions - Summary




a) Vehicles will not be rented out to underage individuals below the age of 23 years.


b) A valid driver’s license has to been held for at least two years.


c) Vehicles are not allowed not leave Zambia unless approved by FairCar.





FairCar rents out its vehicles at a daily charge. This fee will vary according to the type of vehicle required by a client. The minimum charge will be based on one calendar day and not 24hrs. Days for which the car is rented out are counted starting from the first calendar day when the car is collected. This is regardless of the time the car is collected on the first calendar day unless the rental period is no longer than 3 hours. In the latter case the charge is 50% of a full day`s charge.




a) In order to make a binding reservation a 50% down payment is required. If the client pays the full balance upon making a reservation, a discount of 5 % will be granted if the booking is made at least 45 days prior to the commencement of the hire. Otherwise full balance is to be paid upon collection of the vehicle.


b) Cancellation policy:


6 months prior to hire: full refund of down-payment.
4 months prior to hire: 75 % refund of down-payment.
2 months prior to hire: 30% refund of down-payment.
Less than two months prior to hire: no refund.
Any cancellation attracts a service fee of $40.


→ Above policy will be waived (except for a $200 cancellation fee) if written confirmation of the following is provided:
  • Confirming that Government travel restrictions due to Covid-19 (local or abroad) is prohibiting guests from traveling.
  • Guests are not able to travel because of health conditions caused by Covid-19.





a) The actual cost of the car rental is subject to the type of vehicle and the duration of the rental.


b) Mileage is granted unlimited. In case of long-term hire there might be an extra charge on the mileage depending on the overall distance of the hire.


c) Vehicles for rent outside Lusaka including a chauffeur driven will attract a driver`s allowance of $50 per day . Drivers shall be given at least one hour of rest after a max. of 4 hours driving and shall be given 5 hours rest after any eight hours period of driving is completed. If a driver is requested inside Lusaka, the daily allowance is $15 per day.


d) All toll gate charges and penalties are borne by the client.




a) Clients are expected to inspect the car for any damages/abnormalities before collecting the car. Such inspections should be done in the presence of both the client and FairCar representative. Any abnormalities /damages should be noted and both the client and the FairCar representative should sign on the inspection form.


b)  Fuel is the client's responsibility. FairCar reserves the right to provide the car with or without fuel depending on circumstances. In the event that fuel is provided the client is expected to return the car with the same amount of fuel which was provided with the car.






a) In the event of accident, damage or loss of the vehicle the client is obliged to immediately inform the next police station and FairCar. Any failure to do so could attract loss of insurance coverage.


b) In the event of FairCar having to carry out a rescue and upon confirmation of the breakdown having occurred, all towing charges over and above the insurance cover of $50 within Lusaka and $300 outside Lusaka and the associated costs of the rescue e.g. fuel costs will be borne by the client unless the client has opted for the Super Cover Insurance.


c) In the event of accident, damage or loss which is attributable to reckless and/or negligent driving or conduct FairCar reserves the right to charge loss of business use to the client for the period when the car will not be in use by FairCar as a revenue generating asset.





a) FairCar vehicles are fully insured (Collision and Loss Damage Waiver), however the client is liable to cover an excess of 10% on damages write-offs with a minimum of $100. Any damages or loss of and the associated cost of repair will be borne by the client over and above the insurance cover. This means the client will cover 10% of the damage costs with a minimum of $100. A Super Waiver with 100% insurance coverage is available at a additional insurance premium.


b) The client has to pay a refundable security deposit upon pick-up of the vehicle. The actual amount is subject to the type of vehicle and hire duration. The deposit is refundable upon return of vehicle given there is no damage/theft and provided there is no costs due (e.g. damages, speed tickets etc.)


c) The Collision/Loss Waiver will not apply if the loss or damage is attributable to a deliberate or fraudulent act, omission, negligence or recklessness by the client. In such an event the client will have to bear all damages and write-offs.





a) All vehicles are expected to be returned on time. Any late returns will attract a penalty equal to a full day`s charge. An allowance of 1.5 hours from the time of return is given.


b) Amount of fuel to be returned on the same level given.